List of some of the Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

So in this article we will be discussing about some of the Highest paying government jobs in India and the qualification required and process to apply for it. Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria for these jobs can apply for it irrespective of their cast, gender etc. Government jobs also provide a ton of benefits other than the monetary like pension and various other facilities. So let’s start with the list

Before we get to the list of the jobs let’s just discuss the salary structure in goernment jobs first.

Salary Structure

You must have heard of terms like Grade pay, pay band, or level1,2 in the salary structure of government jobs, So the basic structure of understanding the salaries in government jobs is the payband. It is the basic criteria and is divided into total of 8 levels starting from 5,200-20,200 to 90,000. Now the payband is further divided into grade pays. Levels are basically given to the salaries which come under the grade pays, for example, a grade pay which has 5 levels starting from 1800,1900,2000 to 2800 now 1800 is level 1, 1900 is level 2 and accordingly. In the salary Structure, there is a total of 16 Levels or Grade pays.

Government job salary structure

the number under the levels shows the experience according to which the pay increases. The government of India revises the salary structure every 10 years which is known as the pay commission.

Highest paying government jobs in India

The list given below is arranged according to the monetary factor starting from lower pay to the highest pay. All the perks and allowances are not included in the list below because these are the factors that are not fixed and it varies on the basis of demographics.


LIC administrative officer or State bank probationary officer comes in the list of high-paying government jobs where the basic pay is around ₹40,000 which excludes the HRA ( house rent allowance ) which is variable. Both the LIC AAO and SBI PO are transferable jobs and candidates can get jobs or transferred across the Nation, it is not done on the basis of choice of candidate. If you apply for the LIC AAO then there is an. edge as this job profile is mainly available in the major cities of India whereas in SBI PO you might get posted in rural areas as well. Both the job profiles have growth opportunities but SBI PO has comparatively faster growth opportunities.

Eligibility for exam

  • Bachelor degree
  • Age must be 21 to 30 years
  • Must be an Indian citizen

Custom / Income / Excise Inspector

The recruitment for custom/income/excise inspector is done through SSC CGL ( Staff Selection Commission – Combined Graduate Level exams ). The basic salary is ₹ 44,900 plus additional allowance, benefits, and a lot of other perks.

The job profile of Custom Inspector includes good exposure, authority & responsibility at the initial stage of your career only and with that, it also involves faster growth opportunities. According to the written policies, the main duty of the customs inspector is to examine the goods imported and exported and give clearance

Excise Inspector – These professionals are mainly focused on the examination of excise duty implemented on the import and export goods. Although the education is pretty much similar for excise and custom inspector the job profile is different.

Income Inspector – This job profile includes the assessment of income tax of individuals, companies or businesses are liable to pay, this was about the assessment part but there’s also a non assessment section where the job includes accompanying raid teams and paperwork related to that.

Eligibility for exam

  • Bachelor degree
  • Above 19 years
  • Minimum 55% in graduation is required to apply for the Civil Services exams.

Scientist ISRO / DRDO

Job as a scientist in the Indian Space Research Organisation or Defence Research and Development Organisation can get you a basic salary of around ₹54,00 to ₹56,000. You can get more details about this job profiles from the official portal of these 2 organizations, links are mentioned below.



  • B.E/B.Tech or equivalent degree
  • 65% marks or CGPA of 6.84

State PSC

State Public Service Comission, Under it there are multiple posts like:

  • DSP – Deputy superintendent of police
  • SDM – Sub-Divisional Magistrate
  • SDO – Sub Divisional Officer

These were some of the top posts under the State PSC exams, there are a lot of other posts as well. The basic salary is ₹53,100 and the perquisites are uncomparable to other government jobs for example driver, car, bungalow, etc.

Eligibility for exam

  • 18 to 33 of age
  • Graduate/Post Graduate Degree

Lecturer or Assistant professor

Direct recruitment is done and the basic pay is ₹60,000 and a lot of perks. Lecturer’s job is to teach students at the undergraduate and graduate levels in colleges and educational establishments. Professor are full-time scholastics who work inside the staff of schools and universities to show post optional level understudies inside their field of the academic network at the student and graduate levels

Eligibility for exam

  • Maaster degree in relevant subjects ( more than this is usually preffered but officially it is this only for a lecturer job )
  • Minimum of 55% marks

To become a professor the eligibility criteria is tough and involves multiple factors like Phd, published work / books and experience of 12 to 14 years.

SEBI GRADE A officer

The securities and exchange board of India is a government organization and the Grade A officer gets the basic salary of around ₹62,000. Some of the responsibilities of GRADE A officer are given below

  • Inspection of Accounts of Stock Exchanges and various players.
  • Taking steps for increasing Investors knowledge on Securities Markets
  • Approval of stock exchanges by-laws.
  • Granting and Withdrawing Recognition of a Stock Exchange

for more details you can visit the official portal of SEBI from here.

RBI Grade B officer

Reserve bank of India, grade b officer gets the basic pay of ₹67,900 with a good amount ph HRA ( house rent allowance ). The Grade B Officers in the RBI function as infantry working out during that time today exercises in the bank keeping up the money inflow and upkeep of request in the bank. They additionally are answerable for the neglect of quick working of the part banks of under the RBI in the nation.

Basic Eligibility criteria

  • At least 60% marks in aggregate for all semesters Grad,12th and 10th
  • The minimum age is 21 years and the maximum is 30 years for general candidates.

UPSC Civil Services

UPSC is the Union Public Service Commission under which there are top notch posts like

  • IAS – Indian Administrative Service
  • IPS – Indian Police Service
  • IFS – Indian Foreign Service

there are a lot of top jobs that come under the UPSC and the basic pay is ₹56,100 plus almost 1 to 1.5 lakh of allowance plus all other supreme perks.

PSU Jobs

Public sector undertaking, the basic pay is around ₹75,000 to ₹78,000. Candidates will for the most part start off as a Trainee and go through paid proficient preparing for a brief time of around a half year – 1 year. You would then be put ‘Waiting on the post trial process’ for another time of a half year – 1 year after which your activity will be affirmed, if you have performed sufficiently. Some of the job posts under this are given below:

  • Medical Laboratory Officer
  • Assistant Executive Engineer
  • Systems Officer and some other job posts

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be gradute in relevant fields
  • Age must range from 21 to 30 years

If you want to know more about the application, selection process to get a job in PSU’s then check out this helpful article.

Defence Jobs

NDA (National Defence Academy ) / CDS ( Combined Defence Services ) / AFCAT( Air Force Common Admission Test ). In defence jobs, there’s an extra payment which is MSP ( military service pay ) where the basic pay including MSP is around ₹71,000 plus a ton of benefits which are not there in any other jobs other than UPSC.

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