Mistakes to avoid while preparing for Govt. jobs exams

Are you preparing for government jobs exams or interviews? if yes then this particular article will be a lot of help for you because in this article we have shared our own experience like some of the mistakes which you need to avoid ( unfortunately we did and learned the hard way ) while preparing for government job examinations. What is better than learning from the mistakes of others as it decreases your chance of failures. So here is the list of some mistakes which students or candidates usually do and you need to avoid if you want to get the government job.

Don’t do these mistakes if you are preparing for govt. job exams

To prepare for the interview it is a must to have the general awareness part strong, a candidate going for a govt. job interview, depending on the type of job he/she must have at least the basic knowledge of what is going around in the nation, all the updates on new government schemes and measures for which you can prepare by following some portals like ” Pmmodischemes ” etc. which update regularly on the various state and central government schemes launches and updates

1. Focusing on strategies only

Nowadays e-learning is the new normal and the majority of the students gather knowledge and learning from multiple online portals and platforms like youtube etc. We’ve seen candidates preparing for govt job exams are looking for preparation strategies on the internet and although having a plan and strategy is absolutely necessary but the problem arises when the focus is only on strategies. I will explain it with an example, let’s say you open youtube and look for govt job preparation strategies and you will find tons of videos on the topic and which you will watch and get confused which is the best strategy for preparation which one should you implement, now this whole process diverts your focus from actual preparation or studying to strategy building only. Creating a strategy for govt job exam preparation is no doubt a good practice but don’t forget the actual reason behind the strategizing.


Just look for 1 or 2 credible sources or videos of people who have cleared the govt job exam and analyze yourself if you can follow that strategy and if that is a good fit for you then just implement it and focus on the real preparations, not just strategizing. Note that don’t try to completely copy others just get an idea and build it in your own way.

2. Unlimited Study Material

Thi point is related to the first one as candidates look for study material on the internet and the internet is full of similar resources, if you look for study material for govt jobs exam preparation on the internet you will hundreds of results or maybe even thousands and students try to cover as much as they can if not all due to which they forget the most important factor which is revision. On average at least 3 to 4 times revision is what recommended but when students try to cover all the study material they get from the internet there’s no time left for revisions. This particular point is not limited to online-only as there are tons of books available for a single subject offline as well and some students do the same mistake offline which is gathering more and more books and trying to cover them all rather than revising one properly.


Make sure you don’t do this mistake and only select limited study material, cover it, and revise it at least 3 to 4 times rather than covering all the material available on the internet or offline. This is the best practice suggested by those who have cleared these exams and got a job.

Ignoring Mock Tests

Students have this mindset that mock tests help in improving scores but they don’t understand the logic and reason behind mock tests and how it is going to help them. Basically mock test is to help students prepare for the actual or final exam day like it prepares the student for the pressure of the final exam, the timer, and nervousness. From the mock tests, you will be able to learn and analyze from your mistakes and prepare for avoiding it in the final examination. Mock tests also make you comfortable with the examination format.


Give atleast sufficient amount of mock tests and more than giving mock tests it is important to analyse the mistakes and negatives from the mock test and improving on it. So make sure to analyse the your performance in the mock tests and try to improve as much as you can before your final examination.

Emphasising on vocabulary

The weightage of vocabulary ( synonyms and antonym ) is very limited and investing a lot of time in these sections has a low cost to benefit ratio.Students preparing for govt. job exams emphasize a lot on vocabulary which is one of the mistakes you should avoid rather focus on the important sections with more weightage and by saying this we not at all meant that you should avoid this section No, rather just smartly allot your time to sections according to their weightage in the final exam.

These were some of the common mistakes which candidates usually make while preparing for any government job examinations. Although not doing these mistakes won’t guarantee you success but it will definitely increase your chances of clearing the exam.

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