Unique and Cool govt. jobs which are breaking the stereotypes of Govt. jobs in India

For those of you who think that traditional government jobs are the same ever since and provide a consistent salary from years and have no exposure, or if you are inclined towards getting a government job but do not wish to apply for the same traditional government examinations that every other person tends to do; I have something very interesting to tell you.

In this article you will find out about 10 government jobs that are different from the traditional one’s and that can surely bring a change in the way you feel about the government job  system of our country. Knowing about These examinations will give you an opportunity to explore some interesting and non monotonous job options. Read the article below to know all about these jobs- 

List of Some unique and cool govt. jobs

 Forest Ranger

the most unique jobs or all is that of a forest officer or a forest ranger. It doesn’t include much of manual paperwork and the only requirement to apply for this post is to be fascinated and interested in nature, wildlife, and the forest habitat because you will get the chance to spend most of your days living in a forest area where you’ve been allotted. This job can get you posted in any region in India. A forest officer’s job is to ensure that the flora and fauna and also the tribes living in the region are safe from any harm, to conduct raids in places suspected of illegal practices, and patrolling around the area on fixed days and timings. This job doesn’t require you to sit in an office all day long and report to higher figures on a regular basis, which makes it very distinct.it’s perfect if you seek an adventurous life.

Eligibility criteria to become a forest ranger

  • 18 – 30 years of age
  • A degree in agri/natural sciences, mathematics, statistics, or mechanical/civil/chemical engineering

Travel writer at an Indian Embassy

his job is really very interesting and made for the people who love to explore new places and countries. People who like to travel from one place to another and to observe small details about every place can fit perfectly for this job. A travel writer is required to travel to different places on government finances and write creative and informative articles about different places and submit them to an Indian embassy. A very explorative and interesting career that can amaze you in many ways if you are a person who wanders, you’ll get to gain many personal experiences which you can describe in the form of an article, documentary, or guides and also attach pictures of the same to make it vivid. I bet this would’ve struck a string inside of you! 

An ISRO Scientist

this job is definitely not as boring as it sounds, an ISRO Scientists job involves a lot of innovation and creativity. Specially for the people interested in gaining the vast ere of knowledge that exists out there about space and technology, this can be a good career option. You will get to learn about many new and different things  and how they work. It involves working on different projects and analysing different things. There are no fixed working hours in this job, it depends on the task that you need to do next and how much time it will take which can range from 24 hours to 4 hours in a day. This job is a very unique and innovative one for those interested in space science and specially if they are interested in engineering. An ISRO scientist is a very recognised and reputed job in our country.

Intelligence bureau

This job is the best fit for those who do not like to sit at one place and do there daily tasks, an intelligence bureau officer is a person who gets new tasks on a daily basis about which he knows little or not at all. The job includes mostly going to various places and completing the tasks received by the employee in an envelope everyday. This is a very dynamic job wherein you work for your country and get to explore a lot of things everyday. 

Along with an intelligence bureau officer, a raw agent is also a person involved in the same type of field. He/she can get allotted in any of the countries to take over tasks that are required to be done from there itself. A raw agent is a person who has to shift to another country with a new identity and stays undercover so that he can accomplish the target for which he has been sent there. People who are really passionate to be involved in something of this kind and work for the country can surely apply for this job.

Photographers at a Photo division for the government 

a photographer working in a photo division for the government has to do nothing else but just keep clicking pictures of the political and social gatherings that take place. The photographer has to roam around with the political leaders and go to many places with them. A very dynamic job for the people who love to take pictures and are fascinated by cameras. It includes no paperwork and no monotonous sitting at the same place for hours. It enables you to visit different states and you get a considerable salary for the same. You can even get a chance to win cash prices by the government! So if you are a person with an extensive interest in politics as well as photography, you can definitely explore more about this job. 

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